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TouchFree Bundle

Everything you need to retrofit interactive kiosks with hygienic touchless interaction.

The TouchFree Bundle is a complete solution allowing customers to interact using gesture control:

  • Ultraleap TouchFree application: detects a user’s hand in mid-air and converts it to an on-screen cursor
  • Ultraleap hand tracking camera module
  • Choice of Simply NUC mini PC with pre-installed software

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About Ultraleap

Ultraleap’s hand tracking hardware and software is the industry’s fastest, most robust and most accurate. It powers reliable gesture control for interactive kiosks, giving customers the choice of interacting hygienically without touching surfaces.

Why go TouchFree?

  • Consumers want touchless interaction

    80% of consumers think public touchscreens are unhygienic.

  • Preferred to mobile app solutions

    Consumers are 55% more likely to prefer gesture control to mobile app solutions.p

  • Quick and easy to use

    Users achieve close-to-touchscreen speeds, and new users can be onboarded in seconds.

A new world of touchless kiosks

TouchFree turns any interactive kiosk touchless with no need to adapt existing interfaces.

Check-in, ticketing and restaurants

Make ticketing, check-in and restaurant self-ordering hygienic, with minimal impact on customer journey time.

Retail and visitor management

Turn retail and visitor management kiosks touchless to reassure, surprise and delight post-pandemic consumers.

  • Retrofit touchscreen interfaces

    Runs invisibly on top of existing interactive kiosks. No need to change your interface or write a single line of code.

  • Straightforward installation

    Thorough guidelines on set-up, usability, camera placement and visual aids to attract first-time users.

Premium TouchFree Bundle

Touchless interactivity where interfaces include immersive multi-media content, 3D visuals / graphics

From €1349 Ex. VAT

Optimum TouchFree Bundle

Touchless interactivity where interfaces could include 2D interactive experiences with some 3D content

From €1099 Ex. VAT

Essential TouchFree Bundle

Touchless interactivity with basic interfaces and 2D content only

From €919 Ex. VAT

Everything you need to get started

Your TouchFree Bundle turns your kiosk touchless in a matter of minutes.

Simply NUC mini PC with software pre-installed


Ultraleap hand tracking camera module


Ultraleap TouchFree

The TouchFree Bundle is for commercial and/or enterprise use in a retail kiosk only.
The terms of the licence should be read prior to purchase.



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