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Improve Your Business Sustainability with Intel® NUCs Customized by Simply NUC

Businesses face growing pressure from customers, employees, and governments to reduce their carbon footprint. And technology plays a key role in sustainability.

That’s why many businesses are replacing their inefficient towers and laptops with sustainable mini PCs, such as Intel® NUCs. These systems can reduce your carbon footprint—while providing all the power you need to perform your most data-intensive workflows.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Why going green is good for business
  • How to improve sustainability in your purchasing
  • The easy way to keep your old technology out of landfills
  • How Intel NUCs can reduce your energy costs and consumption by 50%
  • 7 critical things to look for when choosing a mini PC partner

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downsizing from tower PCs to Intel® NUCs can help you achieve your business and sustainability goals.

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