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Improve Your Business Sustainability
with Intel® NUCs Customized by Simply NUC

Businesses face growing pressure from customers, employees, and governments to reduce their carbon footprint. And technology plays a key role in sustainability.  That’s why many businesses are replacing their inefficient towers and laptops with sustainable mini PCs, such as Intel® NUCs. These systems can reduce your carbon footprint—while providing all the power you need to perform your most data-intensive workflows.   

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How to Improve Business Efficiencies with Intel® NUCs Customized by Simply NUC

Today’s mini PCs are powerful. They offer the high performance you need to stay productive—but come in small, space-saving and energy-efficient packages. Watch Our White Paper Video Here

How to Empower Your Employee Workforce and Boost Business Efficiencies with Intel® NUC

Employees need reliable technology that keeps them productive as they move between their homes and offices. Intel® NUCs offer high-performance systems that support the most data-intensive tasks—in a compact and portable package.

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