Set up your wireless display, with native wireless screen mirroring, using AirServer Connect 2. Start presenting on time with native wireless screen mirroring.
The revised AirServer Connect 2 supports AirPlay, Google Cast, Miracast and guest access along with tons of innovative features!

AirServer2 Unit min

The Universal Screen Mirroring Solution

AirServer Connect 2 is a quarter of the size compared to our previous generation device, uses less power while providing the same exceptional performance and delivers multiple low-latency screen mirroring and media sessions.

New features include Cast from apps with DRM support, digital signage, local streaming, and cloud management.

Redesigned from the Ground Up

The new customizable user interface simplifies getting started and provides instructions for first-time users.

Set up locally from a web browser or manage all your devices from the cloud.

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Simply NUC is a proud worldwide distributor of AirServer Connect 2.
Please contact us for information on how to purchase.

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