The Simply NUC Zircon, featuring Intel’s N95 processor, is the new standard of affordable computing, featuring dual HDMI 2.0, quad USB Type-A, a USB Type-C, and 2.5Gb Ethernet, giving you a variety of I/O in a cost-effective, small form factor package to fit your needs. With 8GB of DDR4-3200 RAM, 256GB of storage, and custom branding and imaging services from Simply NUC, Zircon is an essential, low-cost, and easy to deploy component of any IT deployment, no matter the size. Need more RAM or Storage for a large deployment? No problem, contact the Simply NUC sales team to find out more.


About Telelogos

Telelogos is a Software editor (ISV) with more than 40 years of expertise in software solutions for digital signage, device management, data synchronization, data transfer for remote terminals (POS terminals, back office, etc.), mobile devices (PDA’s, Tablet PCs, Laptops) and automated terminals (M2M market, automaton, vending machines).

Telelogos solutions allow companies and organizations to better communicate and interact with their customers and/or employees as part of their digital transformation. Companies can manage and display content through screens located in points of sale, shopping malls, public spaces, lobbies, airports, stations, store floors, warehouses… -, manage availability and the booking of their workspaces via digital devices, and remotely/centrally control their fleets of connected devices, whether mobile (smartphones, tablets) or fixed (terminals, POS).


Built for Business

Zircon delivers computing essentials, like outsized performance with a quad core Intel Alder Lake-N processor, upgradable components, and reliability, backed with a 3-year warranty from Simply NUC. From embedded usages like kiosks, intelligent vending, and digital signage; to IoT and Edge devices with remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, Zircon is the essential choice for a cost-effective solution. Simply NUC provides hard to beat price to performance, unmatched customization options, and tier-one support with Zircon, a mini PC that’s built for business.

Drive Your AI and Machine Learning with Zircon

Zircon is ideal for anyone or anything needing to utilize cost-effective compute power, from consumers wanting to integrate smart home features, to multinational enterprises looking for low-cost edge devices, to retailers needing entry-level media players. Its N95 processor is ideal for entry-level artificial intelligence and machine learning clusters due to its low cost and small form factor design, as well as built-in features like Intel GNA for audio and speed-centric AI workloads. Zircon features Intel AC 7265 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0, as well as a 2.5Gb LAN port giving you multiple options for connectivity to your device. Mount your unit to a monitor, workbench, or wall with the included VESA kit. Drive Your AI and Machine Learning with Zircon today.


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