Simply NUC Case Studies

Explore our collection of case studies that showcase the unparalleled power and versatility of our custom computing solutions. From streamlined operations to accelerated business growth, our partnerships with diverse businesses have yielded remarkable results, revolutionizing the way companies approach their computing needs.

Meeting Room Collaboration

Unveiling the Nationwide Arena’s Innovation Journey

Discover how harnessing the power of AirServer, a state-of-the-art wireless screen sharing appliance, elevated the Columbus Blue Jacket hockey team’s performance to unprecedented heights.

AI Surveillance

Enhancing Security Solutions with Robust Surveillance

Learn how Vetted Security Solutions, a leading integrator of security solutions, leveraged mini PCs to deliver highly reliable and customized security solutions for law enforcement agencies, municipalities, and educational institutions.

Retail POS

Custom Retail POS
for Rapid Growth

Uncover how Søstrene Grene, a popular and rapidly growing retail company, was able to process 30% more in-store transactions by utilizing a custom point-of-sale (POS) based on their unique business needs. 

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