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Simply NUC Mini PCs are perfect for medical solutions, including video conferencing systems or Zoom rooms for healthcare providers, or virtual healthcare. Our mini PCs improve workflow efficiency and enhance provider and patient communication.


Collaborate from multiple devices in any meeting room with Simply NUC conference soltions. Start up your presentations faster with a high-speed connection and instantaneous sharing capabilities. Whether you’re in person or online, Simply NUC Mini PCs – with a range of graphics capabilities, low-acoustic footprints, and seamless set-up- allow you to focus on your meeting.

Zoom Rooms

Software-based, flawless video, integrated audio, and wireless content sharing come together on a single appliance for the optimal Zoom Room experience.

AirServer Connect 2

AirServer 2 ties together all of your media devices with up to 8 simultaneous on-screen connections . The universal mirroring solution allows you to present on time and quickly connect to different devices.


In conjunction with Signagelive, we have developed a range of “Plug and Play” Signagelive Digital Signage Appliances that are built to work straight out of the box.

Simply NUC Mini PCs for Medical Solutions provide a range of graphics capabilities, low-acoustic footprints, and seamless set-up allowing you to focus on your meeting. The perfect solution for your Teams or Zoom video conferencing system for healthcare systems and virtual healthcare.

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