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Powered by AMD Ryzen™

A rugged, long-lasting unit to power your digital signage displays, electronic kiosks, data arrays, and other free-standing utilities. Sequoia's evergreen nature allows you a hands-off approach to digital computing.

  • • Powered by AMD Ryzen™
  • • 7-year supply to meet your long-life mini-computing needs
  • • Small in size but a true heavyweight in toughness and reliability
  • • Boasts a strong balance between processor and graphics performance
  • • Rugged enough to withstand up to 95% relative humidity and temps upwards of 60 °C
  • • Engineered and manufactured in Germany, it supports a wide power supply range of 8V to 32V (Automotive grade)

How Sequoia works for you

The Long-Life Mini Sequoia brings a level of customization and ruggedness unique to the embedded world. Able to stand the test of time in environments up to 60 °C, while bringing an automotive-grade power supply range to a customizable small form factor package. Sequoia steps into the Long-Life computing world, featuring the AMD Ryzen™ CPU at performance levels rarely seen in industrial computers.

Edge data analytics

The convenience of handling data on-site is an easy task for the Sequoia.

Digital signage

Set up your signs with ease and avoid the inconvenience of constant maintenance. The Sequoia is ready to do its job for as long as you need it to.


No matter what your task, if it needs doing over a long span of time, you can rely on the Sequoia.

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