Six Qualities to Look for in a Mini PC Vendor

January 2022

A simple reality among mini PC vendors is that quality and support standards are not all the same.  While some vendors are highly reputable and provide quality products, others offer a mixture of substandard components, limited flexibility, outdated software, and unreliable support that don’t meet the expectations of mini PC owners. 

At Simply NUC, we’re proud to serve as a top provider of mini PC systems, with customers ranging from Google and Facebook to Apple and Tesla, and numerous other industry-leading companies. We welcome comparisons of our services to other mini PC vendors, both because we want everyone to get the best mini PC units for their needs, and also because we’re extremely confident in our ability to serve our customers’ needs across the board. When you’re researching your options for the right mini PC vendor, what are some of the top areas you should be considering? Here’s a primer.

One-Stop Shop

Why settle for working with a mini PC vendor who cannot handle all your solution- and accessory-related needs along with the actual PC itself?  This can cause a major inconvenience, costing extra time and money, as you’ll end up having to work with multiple vendors for numerous components that should all be covered by one supplier. 

You should look for a vendor who is willing to spend upfront time with you discussing and understanding your solution, and then covers areas like accessories, custom image management, logistics, and more. This is the single best way to ensure that you’ll only have to work with one vendor for all your solution needs associated with your mini PC.

Full Customization

Why compromise with a mini PC vendor who doesn’t offer full customizations of your PC?  A major value of mini PCs is their ability to be customized, but many vendors may not offer a full range of customization options.

When you work with a flexible mini PC vendor like Simply NUC, you can configure your mini PC any way you can imagine. Customization options include not only the operating system, but also components like processors, memory, storage and extra I/O features, all of which can be built out to your exact specifications.

In many cases, customization elements are vital because they allow the mini PC to be used in a particular industry.  If you own and operate a video editing company, for instance, features like enhanced graphics card capabilities, support for multiple 4K monitors, high bandwidth communication, and full compatibility with high-end video editing software are crucial.  Different particulars might be more important to other customers, but the point is that full customization should be straightforward and easy with your mini PC vendor.

Long-Term Products & Support

Another vital factor to consider when considering your mini PC vendor is their commitment to build and/or service your selected product over a long period of time. In some cases, niche mini PC manufacturers may launch exciting new products, only to discontinue the product line fairly soon after launch. In a case like this, customers who purchased them are left in the dark, as their device can no longer be serviced, replaced, or purchased.

Products like mini PCs, however, are anything but niche, and should have options that can be supported well into the future. Units from our Chimney Rock product family even offer a 7-year commitment to supply, which ensures that the mini PC can be purchased for an extended amount of time.  In addition, most Simply NUC product lines offer up to five years of support service to ensure a long period of support for your purchases.

Finally, your vendor should have great relationships with their suppliers, allowing for simple repairs or replacements of any kind, along with access to high-quality customer service.

Global Footprint

Larger project opportunities require mini PC deployments in locations around the globe, and you need your partner to have offices either in close proximity or in the same locations as you. This ensures they can provide fast and efficient support when needed, with minimal cost and waiting time in transit.

If, on the other hand, your vendor is based exclusively in China, for example, and your deployments are in the USA, Europe, and Asia; this can mean significantly higher costs and longer wait times for repairs, replacements, or other needs.  Support calls with vendors based exclusively in another country can be frustrating, inconvenient, and inefficient.

Support Package

You’re spending significant money on your mini PC which means it should include some level of support. Generally speaking, at least one year of no-cost tech support should be included with all purchases, though more is highly recommended.

Another area of support you should be looking for is the ability to receive free software updates for your mini PC’s BIOS, drivers, and operating system. Most vendors provide these updates, but it’s wise to confirm this before purchase – especially if the device will play a significant role in professional use.

It’s not enough for a vendor to simply claim a support staff, either – they also need to be able to prove that their staff is responsive and helpful. It’s a common practice at larger IT companies for support services to be overburdened or use out-sourced call centers, leading to long wait times on hold, frustrating conversations, or slow response times in general. Finding a vendor with a strong focus on high-touch customer support is important, because it ensures that you’ll be getting prompt service from people who are actually excited about helping you.

Warranty & Return Policy

Again due to the high-value nature of these products, you want to make sure you’re covered in the event that something goes wrong with your device. A warranty for your device should be at least three years. Many vendors will allow users to return products purchased “no questions asked” within 30 to 60 days if they’re not satisfied with their purchase. Make sure you check on this policy before you finalize your purchase, because it’s an important component of the overall value you’ll derive from your new mini PC.

For more on the important qualities you should be looking for in a mini PC vendor, or to learn about any of our mini PC devices, contact the team at Simply NUC today.

Simply NUC, Inc. is a systems integrator specializing in mini computers. Simply NUC provides fully configured, warranted, and supported mini PC systems to businesses and consumers, as well as end-to-end NUC project development, custom operating system installations, and NUC accessories.

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