Tips for Mini PC Security

May 2022

For those of you who are new to mini PCs or want a quick refresher on PC security, this guide will give you a few tips on how to keep your mini PC safe and secure. Let’s face it, no one wants their data or personal information accessed by someone else without their consent. So here are a few helpful tips for keeping your Intel NUC secure.

1. Use a Firewall

A firewall is a security system that acts as a barrier between your mini computer and the Internet. It can help protect your computer from malicious software and hackers who try to gain access to your system.

There are two types of firewalls: hardware and software. Hardware firewalls are physical devices that you can install between your computer and your Internet connection. Software firewalls are programs that you can install on your computer.

Benefits of using a firewall include:

  • Protection from viruses, worms, and other malware: A firewall can help block malicious software from infecting your computer.
  • Prevention of unauthorized access: A firewall can help prevent hackers from gaining access to your computer.
  • Detection of suspicious activity: A firewall can help detect suspicious activity on your network and trigger alerts.

2. Protect your passwords and use strong passwords

Most people know to use strong passwords to protect their online accounts. However, many people don’t follow this advice and use weak passwords that can be easily guessed or hacked. There are many benefits to using strong passwords, including better security for your personal information. A password manager can help you track your unique passwords for all of your accounts. Strong passwords are more difficult to guess, keeping your system safe from attacks and helping you avoid identity theft or other online scams. 

If you’re not using strong passwords, now is the time to start. Choose passwords that are at least eight characters long and include a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Avoid using easily guessed words like your name or birthdate, and never use the same password for more than one account.

3. Utilize an Antivirus Software

As its name indicates, antivirus software is a program or set of programs designed to protect your computer from a virus. Not only will it detect a virus, it will also work to remove the virus from your computer system. There are many different choices of antivirus software available, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Make sure to only install an antivirus software from a known and trusted source. 

One of the main benefits of using antivirus software is that it can help to protect your computer from being infected with malware, viruses, or other malicious software. It’s crucial that your antivirus program is continually refreshed to stay ahead of the latest attacks and remain effective. 

Another benefit of using antivirus software is that it can help speed up your computer’s performance. This is because antivirus software can help remove any unwanted programs that may be slowing down your computer. 

Finally, using antivirus software can also help protect your system by blocking spam and ads. Pop-up ads and spam websites are some of the most common gateways viruses use to infect a computer and ultimately damage files. By utilizing antivirus software, your PC will be safe from malicious virus-containing ads and spam websites.

4. Keep your Software Up to Date

One of the best ways to keep your mini computer secure is to keep your software up to date. Whether you are looking for an Intel NUC 12, Intel NUC 11,  Intel NUC 10, or AMD mini computer make sure you have the latest security patches and updates installed to help protect your device from malware and other threats.

There are plenty of other benefits to keeping your software up to date, such as benefitting from new features and improvements, or fixing bugs that might be affecting your device’s performance.

Fortunately, most software can update automatically—meaning you don’t have to do a thing! If you so desire, be sure to turn on “Automatic Updates” for your operating system and use web browsers like Chrome or Firefox that receive frequent, automatic security updates. It’s also a good idea to regularly check for updates manually to ensure your system is running as smoothly as possible. 

There you have it—the top tips for keeping your mini PC safe and sound. And remember, if you’re looking for the best mini PC, be sure to check out Simply NUC. We offer a variety of mini PC models that come preloaded with the latest operating systems and security features to help keep your data safe and secure.

Simply NUC, Inc. is a systems integrator specializing in mini computers. Simply NUC provides fully configured, warranted, and supported mini PC systems to businesses and consumers, as well as end-to-end NUC project development, custom operating system installations, and NUC accessories.

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